12 de September de 2022

Probiotics, your ally back from summer time

Summer comes to an end and routine returns to our lives. After the excesses with the food it is time to behave well and recover the good dynamics.
In addition, September is the best month to regain control over what you eat, and with our delicious products with probiotics and proteins you will see that it is very easy!

Probiotics: the key to healthy eating in autumn


Although you do not need to lose weight, the unbalanced diet that we often follow in summer means that the bacterial flora can be unbalanced. The result? Digestive discomfort and the feeling that “we catch all colds”, because the bacterial flora is directly related to the immune system. Follow these 3 tips so that this does not happen to you this year.

Take proteins of high biological value

Try to feed yourself with essential amino acids. What is that? Actually, proteins do not feed us, they are the amino acids that form them. And they can be of many types. Among them, the essential amino acids are those that your body can not produce, therefore, you have to take them in the diet. How do you make sure you take them all? There are quite complete foods, such as dairy or eggs, but taking a hyperprotein supplement is never a bad idea. That is why we have decided to make our ice creams with lactic proteins with high biological value, in addition to probiotics. Thus, taking care of yourself does not mean giving up a delicious ice cream.

Performs an intestinal cure

The changes of season have effects on our intestine, because we adapt our diet to the new season. At the same time, changing temperatures affect our immune system. The result? Slight diarrhea, flatulence, constipation and ease of catching a cold or even suffering from the flu. Taking care of your intestinal flora by taking probiotics will make the change of season go unnoticed for your health. Our products incorporate probiotics from the strains Pediococcus acidilactici KABPTM 021, Lactobacillus plantar KABPTM 022 and Lactobacillus plantar KABPTM 023. These are high quality strains clinically tested and selected for their high effectiveness in maintaining intestinal health.

Follow a balanced and natural diet

Forget about frying, industrial pastries, processed foods… and also try to avoid sausages, very fatty foods and alcoholic beverages. They give you few nutrients and only have empty calories. Don’t buy them when you go to the supermarket, so you’ll forget about them! Instead, buy food with Nutriscore A, make sure each meal includes foods from different groups, and eat something different each day.
In short, it is best to follow a functional diet. That is, take foods that not only provide you with energy, but also serve to improve all aspects of your health. As you can see, probiotics play a fundamental role in this diet and you can include them in your diet without increasing your caloric intake. Because maintaining a healthy weight isn’t just about looking good on the outside!


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