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Double the goodness

How often do you come across a delicious high-protein product?

PROASIS is the balance between well-being and pleasure.


Thanks to its high protein content and its probiotic contribution that helps digestive well-being.

Good for your palate

Products made from delicious artisan recipes always based on the best selection of top quality ingredients.

Nuestros sabores

Chocolate with belgian chocolate chips

Madagascar Vanilla with caramel

Alphonso Mango

Our flavours

Chocolate with belgian chocolate chips
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Madagascar vanilla with caramel
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Alphonso Mango
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Proteins & probiotics

Double the Pros

High in proteins

Lactic protein with high nutritional value

We carefully select our raw materials based on high standards of quality.

With probiotics

Thousands of millions of probiotics originating from high quality strains

The PROASIS products incorporate strains that are chosen for their high effectiveness in the maintenance of intestinal health.

Join the Pro revolution

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Combining health and pleasure, that's pro

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