25 de January de 2022

Pleasure with Nutriscore A

Thanks to the Nutriscore traffic light system, we have a visual system on the labelling that enables us to easily see the qualities of the nutritional composition of the products.

Nutriscore classifies food into 5 categories of nutritional value, from A to E, represented by colours like a traffic light. A, in green, being the healthiest, and D and E in red being the ones to avoid as much as possible.

This classification assesses the positive contributions such as, for example, the contribution of proteins, fibres, natural ingredients and negative ones such as sugars, calories, fats, etc., so that the consumer can compare the healthiest option within a category.

Proasis ice creams come from the recipes of master artisans, with quality ingredients which ensure a balance between well-being and pleasure. Often what is healthy fights against what is delicious and although it is true that it is essential to find a balance between a healthy diet and exercise, it is also true of being able to consume delicious treats that bring us joy in our busy everyday life. For this reason, we have created Proasis, a brand of “guilt-free pleasure”. Nutriscore A ice creams, with a creamy texture and intense flavour so that you find in your healthy diet a pleasure that takes care of you.


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